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Many think that an artist with a lot of illustration work under their belt must be making a decent living. Unfortunately when the economy takes a hit, artists feel the hit harder than most. Suddenly there’s no room in a budget for art, and if artists don’t sell art, they can’t afford to make art. Over the past decade, I’ve made well below poverty level income. I’m lucky to make over over a 4 digit yearly income. Many personal barriers have hindered my production. Many clients didn’t pay or paid so late that the bills that piled up while waiting became insurmountable. Shows became unaffordable or losses, and suddenly I could no longer afford to go to shows where my main income was made. I have currently switched to tattoos, since that is one form of art that people are willing to pay for and save up to buy. But that still has its startup costs. Ultimately I still need patrons, I need a Medici to help me be able to keep creating and overcome the obstacles that have hobbled my career. If you feel so inclined, please visit my Patreon page and become a patron. Thank you for your consideration.

I am so very thankful for the faith and investment my patrons have put into my talent.

Thank you to my lovely Patrons and Muses such as:

Rachel Wills

Jamie Chambers

Ashley Conn

Chuck Arnold

Danny and Lynda Holmes

Elicia Drake-Brackin

James Halderson

Jonathon Green

Kirby Wynne

Rachel Rantz

Stephen Fleming

Wendi Williams

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