Original Medium: Pencil with digital tinting

Date of Completion: October 10, 2001

Model: Lindsay Archer

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This image has a haunting status in the history of the artist in two regards of the word.


It was drawn the night before she was kidnapped.  Finally starting to feel better about the divorce and more free to work on her art, she drew this image from the picture of herself on the left.  It was the beginning of recovery after a year of tormented marriage to a sociopath.  She had committed the ultimate crime to him by figuring him out, but what’s worse she tried to leave. The next day she was kidnapped while painting.  This drawing was the last time she ever felt pretty or desirable.

The photo itself was taken under a willow at their previous house in Greenville, SC, which was built in 1865.  The willow was planted next to the well where the daughter of the house’s original owner had thrown herself into, committing suicide, when she was not allowed to marry the man she loved.  Her ghost haunted the house while they were there.  Things moved independently.  Smoke came out of a chimney with no fire.  Phantom sounds of horse drawn carriages pulling up and people running up the stairs.  Lindsay herself the night she moved in, told them it was haunted after an icy hand grabbed her on the way into the house.  The next day, the property owner they were renting from asked if they had met the ghost yet.

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