Wanted: The Hammer

This is a Character Illustration for the “Serenity Role Playing Game”, published by Margaret Weis Productions. The RPG is derived from Joss Whedon’s movie “Serenity”, based on the TV Series “Firefly”.

Painted in oils on gesso board in 2005. This discontinued print is only available in this size and no more will be made.


This image was originally created as an example character illustratioin, but was cut from the book. However we kept it on, since it became a personal favorite.

The model for James “The Hammer” Banks was my brother, Alan, from a picture taken of him on a ranch in Cody Wyoming.

The character himself was supposed to be a bounty hunter, sort of a Jayne with a personal moral code, which inspired us to come up with the amusing reasons he was wanted at the bottom.

James sort of rides the line of the law, deftly ducking being caught and yet bringing in the people that he sees as immoral or threats to good people. His methods however can be a bit extreme and often resulting in the death of anyone trying to escape him once he’s found them. This is where he tends to rub the law wrong the most, as he at times ignores the wanted “alive” portion of his bounty.

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Dimensions 13 × 19 in
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