Wanted: Jack Leland

This is a Character Illustration for the “Serenity Role Playing Game”, published by Margaret Weis Productions. The RPG is derived from Joss Whedon’s movie “Serenity”, based on the TV Series “Firefly”. This character is one of the crew from the ship “Aces and Eights”, a cast of characters created for the book. Jack Leland is the owner of the ship and an efficient gambler.

Discontinued and only available in 13 x 19 inches. No more will be printed.


Character Decription from the Serenity RPG:

Jack Leland was born to poker – literally. His untimely arrival caused his mother to have to abruptly leave a high stakes game.

The Lelands owned a casino on Osiris. Jacob was raised in a world of fast money, high rollers, roulette wheels, and glitzy dancers. He could deal blackjack by age nine and his father often sent the boy onto the casino floor to help spot card counters.

When the casino went bust through poor business practices, Jack saw where his father had gone wrong. Jack went to college to further his education, using poker to fund his schooling. He gained degreees in accounting and business. He often says the smart gambler knows how to hang onto his winnings.

Jack did quite well for himself. He is in his early forties and his skill at poker and his smart investments have already made him a very wealthy man. Handsome, with black skin, melting brown eyes, and a disarming smile, he is suave and debonair and is at home in all the fine casinos on all the Core planets.

Jack is a high roller, always seen in the company of beautiful women, though rarey the same woman twice (with the exception of his female bodyguard, Hwa Ling).


The white background print is no longer available, but the wanted poster is.

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Dimensions 13 × 19 in
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