Wanted: Devil

Ramona Cortez

This is a Character Illustration for the “Serenity Role Playing Game”, published by Margaret Weis Productions. The RPG is derived from Joss Whedon’s movie “Serenity”, based on the TV Series “Firefly”. This character is one of the crew from the ship “Aces and Eights”, a cast of characters created for the book. Devil is the ship’s “medic” and resident trouble maker. A Con artist, master of disguise, and just about anything else she feels the need to be, life with her on board is never boring.

Painted in oils on gesso board in 2005.  Transformed into a wanted poster only remaining in 13×19 inches.


Character Decription from the Serenity RPG:

The ship’s doctor, “Devil-Take-Me” cortez, as she’s known for short, was a medic in an army field hospital during the war. This is where she met Maxx, who was there recovering from the loss of his arm. They became good friends and, when Maxx left the army, Devil went with him to be his ship’s medic. Unfortunately, Devil “forgot” to tell the army she was leaving.

Devil is officially AWOL, something Maxx does not know. Since Devil didn’t give the army her real name when she joined, the military is having a difficult time tracking her down.

Devil gained her nickname from her habit of using the oath, “devil take me if I’m not telling the truth!” Due to the fact that she never tells the truth and generally has not idea what the truth even is, she figures that she is safe in this, for the devil undoubtedly laid claim to her long ago.

Devil is a good medic. She can also be a good university professor, a good lawyer, a good dance-hall girl, a good pilot, a good corporate executive. In other words, she can take on the role and occupation of any person and be good (not great) at it. Devil is a con woman, a scam artist, an expert forger. She has dabbled in blackmail. She can disguise herself as anyone — male or female. She can pass for a cowpoke down on his luck or play the part of a registered Companion. She is fast-talking and glib, with a vast store of knowledge about all sorts of things. She is utterly convincing in all she says and does. Devil is not particularly good with weapons and relies instead on her wits and charm to get her out of difficulty.

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Dimensions 13 × 19 in
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