Sacred Grove – Virgo


Original Medium: Watercolor and Color Pencil

Year of Completion: 2013

Celestial Series: Virgo

Print includes a dark green border with the title and artist listed.

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Sacred Grove is the feminine representation of the Zodiac Sign, Virgo. Unicorns are symbols of purity and innocence as well as the protectors of the innocent. Legend has it that only virgins can ride a unicorn, and as Virgo is the virgin, it was evident. This is a young unicorn meeting a maiden in a secret grove.

August 23 – September 23

Positive Traits

  • Watchful. An extreme attention to detail.
  • Intelligent. And they are always happy to learn more!
  • Practical. A true Virgo doesn’t believe in living in a fantasy world.
  • Analytical. Something complicated? Call a Virgo and he/she will solve the mystery.
  • Reliable and trustworthy. He/she will absolutely do their best to do the job.
  • Modest perfectionists.
Negative Traits

  • Overcritical. This is because they already have a clear picture in their minds how the things should be done.
  • Fussy. Sometimes they get lost in the details.
  • Fastidious. Everything must be perfect!
  • Harsh. No sugar-coating.
  • Conservative. No modern ideas, please!
  • Judgemental. Because, as I said, everything must be perfect!


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