Journey’s End

Original Medium: Oils on Canvas

Original Size: 16 x 20 Inches

Year of Completion: 2000

Model: Lindsay Archer

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A maiden returns to the home of her childhood to find it is empty and abandoned.  The only signs of damage being the broken gate.  She had journeyed long and hard to get here, but a house is not a home without her family.

This image inspired a work of fiction by the artist about a girl separated from her family through devious means.  After many trials she returns home to find that in the sorrow of her perceived loss, they had moved from Scotland to America.  The end of one Journey bringing another.

Journey’s End is what is considered a “piece out of time” or break through piece, which means it marks a drastic change or improvement in the skills of the artist.

This was painted after a trip to Scotland, which inspired the background.

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