Eris Faraj

Original Medium: Oils on Gesso Board

Year of Completion: 2005


This is a Character Illustration for the “Serenity Role Playing Game”, published by Margaret Weis Productions. The RPG is derived from Joss Whedon’s movie “Serenity”, based on the TV Series “Firefly”.

This image was created as an example of the trait blindness for the traits and skills section.

In the description it specified a golden retriever. As I was discussing where we might find a golden retriever with my friend and at the time business partner, Richard Wilhite, a golden retriever ran in front of our car. It happened to be lost. We took it home and contacted the owners that we had found their dog, but he was around just long enough to get some good pictures, perfect for the painting.

The name Eris Faraj was a creation of our own fitting the description given to us.

Prints for this image have been discontinued.

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