Breath of Life


Original Medium: Digital Painting

Year of Completion: 2014

Illustration for: Tracy Chowdhury

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This illustration is of Tianna, in a short story by Tracy Chowdhury. Here is an excerpt below.

“She rose from the bed and padded over to the tall, oval looking-glass in the corner. Standing in front of it, she untied the laces of her nightshift and let it fall from her shoulders into a puddle about her feet. She focused on her belly, and it looked like the swell was larger than it had been barely over a seven-day ago.

By the gods, what is happening to me?

A rush of panic swept through Tianna, and she began to rethink her decision to wait to inform Triath of her possible condition. The reason she waited was because she didn’t quite believe it herself. All these years of being with Triath… why now? What could have possibly changed to enable her to bear a child? And if she were, indeed pregnant, what kind of child was it that grew so swiftly that she hadn’t recognized it before a mere seven-day ago?

So her thoughts had gone in a different direction. What if she was seriously ill?  Mayhap stricken with a malady that made one’s abdomen become severely distended, one that made a person sick at random times throughout the day. There were a plethora of parasites and other afflictions that could mimic such symptoms.

But how many caused the sensation of something or someone nudging a person from the inside?

Tianna tried to swallow away the fear that sat like a lump in her throat. Once more she felt a ripple of movement, almost like the bursting of tiny bubbles. It was gone just as she placed a swift hand to her abdomen. She slowly stepped closer to the glass, taking in the image of the woman within. For the most part, she looked much the same. Mayhap there were a few differences; she seemed to be a bit thinner, and there were dark hollows under her eyes. But then, the last time she had scrutinized herself like this was a long while ago when she was examining the scars left from her injuries.

Of course, the biggest change lay in that area beneath her palm. Tianna turned herself to the side and almost grudgingly moved the hand aside. Blue eyes widened with surprise, for the swelling was very evident. Certainly she had seen it before, but never with the complete absence of clothing that must have detracted from the image she viewed now.”

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