Autumn Breeze

Original Medium: Ink and Watercolor, in the style of Arthur Rackham.

Year of Completion: 2002.

Print Status: Discontinued – no more prints will be made.


Breezes of cool air herald the coming winter, though the days are still warm in the dying daylight. The wind blows through autumn leaves, stirring a fairy to look to the horizon. Snow is still a month away. Until then, there will be plenty of time to play.

This image depicts a fairy covered in fall leaves and tattoos. Her hair matches the leaves as if either a fairy of autumn, or simply magically blending in with her surroundings, painted in the style of Arthur Rackham, a famous artist before our time who illustrated children’s books, fairy tales, myths, and works by Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. Most of his work was drawn in ink with a wash of watercolor, which is the style mimicked in this artwork.

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