Permissions and Non-Profit Usage

For those of you seeking permission to use my art for various personal endeavors, I presently allow people to use my images under these conditions …

  • It must be for PERSONAL DIGITAL use ONLY! That means no printing, no publishing, and no profit. You may use it for your Live Journal Icons, Chat icons, avatars, tubes, email stationery, school projects, posting on blogs, youtube, personal websites, and other non-profitable projects that fall under “fair use”. If money is being collected because of my art in ANY way, then you must compensate me for the use of my image.
  • Illustration work is off limits. Illustrations are shared copyrights, therefore I do not have full authority concerning these images to grant permission.
  • Copyright Information must be included. “Lindsay Archer” “© Lindsay Archer” or “Linz Archer” must be included visibly in the image somewhere, even if it is in a minor location.
  • Link to my website. Basically I consider these forms of personal usage free advertising, which is why I don’t mind allowing others these freedoms with my work. So in return place a link to either in the image or in text associated with the image.
  • Limited alterations. Please do not do anything to lessen the quality of the work, or do anything that might be considered vulgar or profane. You are permitted to make changes to the background, animate (such as adding sparklies, eye blinking, tail swishing, nods of the head, breathing, etc.), and other changes that maintain the message or integrity of the central characters in the original artwork.

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  1. Theresa Courtney April 6, 2016 at 8:42 am #

    Thank you so very much

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