Image Archives

Image Archives

This is a record of the images produced by year, whether they are still available or not.

Discontinued and Retired Images

In order to keep the sheer volume of images to a manageable level, and since the prints are printed on demand instead of in limited runs, the company began retiring images and discontinuing them as prints, although some may still appear in the form of other products such as boxes or jewelry. However a computer virus has consumed many of the older images where even their files do not remain for some of the older pieces.

When art prints have been around for over three years, or if they are not selling well, they may be discontinued. This means that no new prints will be produced, and what is available is the remainder of stock. Although not declared “limited runs” some prints have as few as 10 in circulation.  Sometimes I will clean out old boxes and find discontinued prints and post them, but that is the only time additional numbers may be added.

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