Art Galleries

Visit the following galleries to view the art of Lindsay Archer in its various mediums and styles!

Pantheon Series
This is a collection of art featuring deities from various world religions.  Most were produced for the Pantheon Card Game produced by Signal Fire Studios.

Celestial Series
This series of images is inspired by the sun, moon, and stars. The concept takes the celestial bodies of the night sky with the zodiac’s symbology, and mixed it with a fantasy flair to create heavenly bodies of a different sort.

Rackham Series
This is a collection of work whose style was inspired by the works of Arthur Rackham. It is characterized by watercolor painted over an ink drawing.

Oil Paintings
This is a collection of work produced using oil paints on canvas or gesso board.

These images were all originally painted using watercolors.

Color Pencils
These images were all drawn in color pencil.

Monochromatic Images
These images were all created in a single color.  Often they began as black and white, and were later converted to a color.

Digital Artwork
This collection was created through digital painting and not photo manipulation.

Children’s Imagery
These images were all created to appeal to a younger audience.

Celebrity Portraits
These portraits are only available as originals, as it is illegal to reproduce the imagery without their permission.

Retired Images
These images have all been retired and are no longer available as prints.

Gallery Art
These images were created more to evoke emotion than to capture realism. Often they were created to fit themes for Gallery presentations.


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