Violations of Usage

  • For information regarding copyrights, visit
  • It is illegal to scan a print, or to use that scan for placing on non-digital objects or products.
  • It is illegal to post other people’s art on sites that sell prints such as photobucket or deviant art.
  • It is illegal to create galleries posing as the creator of the artwork or posing as the actual artist.
  • It is illegal to attempt to artistically or digitally reproduce the imagery of another artist’s work for the purpose of selling prints. Any image based off another artist’s artwork is considered a derivative work of art. Works may be created for educational purposes, their originals may be sold, but to sell prints of that derivative work of art is a violation of the original artist’s rights. It is also illegal to claim first rights to that image. Although image content is protected, the concept of a work of art is not, so long as the new image does not resemble the inspiring artist’s work.
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