Thank you for your interest in commissioning an original work of art. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • My creative time is limited, because deadlines and committed clients/client bases take priority.
  • Complexity is determined by the number of characters and intricacy of background. Also the medium can play a role in price and production speed.
  • The minimum time for an uninterrupted work of completed artwork is 2 weeks. However it can take months under a deadline for more complicated works such as large oil paintings or detailed images.
  • A commission agreement will be drawn up and must be signed by both parties before a commission will be started. Drawings must be paid up front. For oils and intense projects, half the payment is due at time of order, and the other half upon completion of the project within a 30 day window.
  • I retain the right to scan the original work of art to use for portfolio and promotional purposes.
  • If I like a particularly artistic piece, I retain the right to make prints of it to sell unless specified otherwise in the commission agreement. If you wish to have something exclusive (that is not a portrait), additional fees will be applied to paintings or other time intensive projects.
  • If you wish to make prints yourself, then additional licensing fees will apply dependent on the print run and terms of exclusivity. No work will be rendered for a percentage of profits/sales that may never be, as labor must be compensated upon completion of the work.
  • For portraits, I must have a photo of the subject for reference. Photo sessions are available for these purposes

Drawings Sized  8×10 – 11×14 inches (Next size up is 16×20 and doubles the price)
Color Drawings are done in Color Pencil

  • $100 – Single Character Drawing – Black and White
  • $150 – Single Character Drawing - Black and White with background
  • $200 – Single Character Color Drawing
  • $300 – Single Character Color Drawing with background
  • $50 – Per Additional Figure (animal or person)

Watercolor Paintings Sized 8×10 – 11×14 inches  (Next size up is 16×20 and doubles the listed price)
All watercolors are painted on watercolor board and may include the use of watercolor pencils and gesso paint

  • $300 – Single Character
  • $400 – Single Character with background
  • $75 – Per Additional Figure (animal or person)

Oil Paintings Sized 9×12 – 11×14 inches
All Oil Paintings will be painted on Gesso Board Unless otherwise specified. Canvas is an additional $50 fee.
(Next size up is 16×20 – 18x 24 and doubles the listed price)

  • $500 – Single Character with Simple Background
  • $750 – $1000 – Single Character with Background (dependent on complexity)
  • $250 – Per Additional Figure (animal or person)

Please Inquire personally for Digital Commissions.

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