Guest Artist Booking Information

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If you would like to book Lindsay as a guest at your convention, please cont

act her booking agent, Jimmy Repine at

Requirements to be a guest at a convention, the artist must be provided with the following:

  • Hotel Room for convention duration.
  • Booth space of a minimal size of 10ft x 10ft space with 8ft head clearance, preferably in dealer hall.
  • Travel compensation for driving at 33 cents per mile for shows over 100 miles distance from Atlanta, GA.
  • Additional panels in art show if separate from dealer hall.

In return, the artist is willing to negotiate:

  • Original artwork for badges and programs to match theme of show.
    (Concept must be submitted in a reasonable amount of time withwhich to complete the desired artwork)
  • Participation in panels within field of knowledge.
  • Use of images for promotional purposes.
  • Judging competitions involving artistic merit.

If Lindsay is attending your show, you may use the pictures on this page as well as cut and paste the following abbreviated bio:

Skilled in many mediums and subject areas, Lindsay Archer is an accomplished professional artist in the gaming industry with well over a decade of experience.

From an early age, Lindsay declared that she was going to be an artist.  After seeing her grandfather’s regret at not pursuing his talent, she vowed to use her gift.  In elementary school she made copies of her early work with her father’s xerox copier and sold them for ch

ange.  During her high school years she continued her entrepreneurial endeavors by sculpting figurines, painting murals, designing T-Shirts, and painting various items from feathers to cow skulls to sell at Pow Wows.

In 1998, Lindsay illustrated her first Role Playing Game, Legendmaker, by Howard Scott.  At the time she was finishing her degree in Computer Animation, which she completed in 1999, graduating with honors from The Art Institute of Atlanta, with internships under her belt  working for Click 3xs and Primal Screen who produced animations, including segments for Cartoon Network. After graduating, Lindsay returned to her hometown in search of work, where she worked for an advertising company known as Third Wave Digital until she took a teaching position at Macon Technical College where she taught art and originated their 3D program. But eventually she gravitated back to the classical arts and her heritage of illustration. In 2003, she devoted herself to her artwork and began traveling the convention circuit from Comic Con to Dragon Con.

In 2004 Lindsay was one of Larry Elmore’s first art students, and what she learned there took her artwork to the next level.  With this next level and with the connections gained through good friends, Lindsay began working with Margaret Weis Productions and illustrating for such Role Playing Games as: Serenity, Supernatural, Dragonlance, Battlestar Galactica, and Cortex. Exciting projects continue to emerge, and Lindsay has undertaken not only the illustration side of  games such as the Pantheon Card Game and Metamorphosis Alpha, but also become involved in some of the aspects of game design with Signal Fire Studios.

In addition, Lindsay has formed a production company called Artemis Rising Productions with her actress friend, Carrie Anne Hunt, and is employing some of her skills of story creation toward a web series. Through the years she has been prolific in both illustration and her own artwork. To learn more about the artist and her work visit her website at



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